My graduate “Evolution of Crop Plants” course makes use of a number of audio clips and interviews with authors. I liked this format and decided to record interviews with authors of some of the papers we read in class. The interviews are brief, generally less than 15 minutes, and focus on issues that often aren’t discussed in the actual published paper.

All files are zipped MPEG 4 Audio (.m4a) files; my university web server won’t permit linking to raw audio files (sorry).

Ana Caciedo - interview on rice domestication - Caciedo et al. 2007 - PLoS Genetics
recorded 12 November 2014

Graham Coop - interview on parallel adaptation - Ralph & Coop 2010 - Genetics
recorded 02 December 2014

Matthew Hufford - interview on maize comparative population genomics - Hufford et al. 2012 - Nature Genetics
recorded 04 November 2014

Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra - interview on maize domestication - Van Heerwaarden et al. 2011 - PNAS
recorded 08 November 2014

Kevin Thornton - interview on GWAS and complex traits - Thornton et al. 2013 - PLoS Genetics
recorded 18 March 2015

Stephen Wright - interview on maize comparative population genetics - Wright et al. 2005 - Science
recorded 04 November 2014

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