Lab Meetings - Journal Club

Our weekly meetings involve discussion of papers related to population or quantitative genetics, molecular evolution, plant evolution, DNA sequencing, and computational biology. Everyone is welcome to attend; you’ll even get a chance to lead the discussion.

Participants in our lab meeting are also tracking relevant journals that cover genetics, genomics and evolutionary biology. You can see their latest article picks in
this GitHub repository.

For Spring 2016, meetings are
Monday at 11:00 am. Weather permitting, we meet on the patio of Borlaug Hall (on the St. Paul campus). In inclement weather, we meet in 409 Borlaug Hall.

Joint meetings with the Brandvain/Moeller/McGaugh/Tiffin lab groups are scheduled for roughly one per month in 371 Bioscience (also on the St. Paul campus). Also check out UMNEvolTwin for interaction with evolutionary biologist on campus. UMNEvolTwin is also on Twitter.

Page Updated: 08 June 2016

Liu Q, Zhou Y, Morrell PL, Gaut BS (2016) Deleterious variants in Asian rice and the potential cost of domestication. bioRxiv
Discussion Leader: Chaochih Liu

Jordan KW, Wang S, Lun Y, Gardiner LJ, MacLachlan R et al. (2015) A haplotype map of allohexaploid wheat reveals distinct patterns of selection on homoeologous genomes. Genome Biol 16: 48.
Discussion Leader: Li Lei

International Barley Genetics Symposium

07/05/2016 - Note Special Date
Esch E, Szymaniak JM, Yates H, Pawlowski WP, Buckler ES (2007) Using crossover breakpoints in recombinant inbred lines to identify quantitative trait loci controlling the global recombination frequency. Genetics 177: 1851-1858.

Field Y, Boyle EA, Telis N, Gao Z, Gaulton KJ et al. (2016) Detection of human adaptation during the past 2,000 years. bioRxiv
Discussion Leader: Shawn Goggins

Kono et al. BAD_Mutations: Blast aligned deleterious mutation annotation. Available: via the Internet.